“New” in Isolation

You wake up in the same bed and encounter the same walls. If you own a home, you’ve been taken aback by just how…similar…your backyard looks.

Many people have been outside doing yard work recently as a way to create change.

Change and “new” here serve the same purpose: it’s a way to bring the analog world into some different structure, so you feel uplifted, or you encounter something new in your life that shakes things up a bit.

The digital space is a constantly shifting sphere of algorithms attempting to bring you different versions of what you like.

But what if you want to change your life in more dramatic ways?

I have always loved working out at home, because I get so embarrassed and self-conscious at a gym or outside. I don’t like creating that sensation in others of “Yes, look at me, I’m making better choices than you.”

Or maybe I just don’t like people to see me sweat.

We’re stuck at home, and we have to admit it: it’s a problem. What is weird is that we spend so much money on our homes or apartments and we are realizing that we spend so little time in them. Now that we’re stuck here, we might hate it for its unchanging world.

As a result, I’ve been trying to change my life up just a little bit each day to bring in that variety.

Which is why I have to give a shout out to Madfit on YouTube for helping me take my home workout game to the next level.

The variety of workouts and the intensity of the exercises leaves me exhausted, endorphins bouncing off the walls. In the middle of my workouts, I am dying, while she does not miss a beat.

A previous draft of this blog post was going to be an incredibly negative one about the state of the world and the recurring feedback loops the southern United States is facing right now with coronavirus.

But then I realized that it was not the story to tell.

The real message of today has been how thankful I am for people like Madfit who have encouraged me to question my habits and build a stronger world for myself.

I did the workout embedded above and I about died.

Did you know that over time your body completely refreshes its cells every seven years?

We are never the same person, so let’s go out there and act like it.

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