Donald Trump Explicitly Put People at Risk

I do not know what else really there is to say beyond what the president has allowed.

The virus ravages organs. It varies in danger from little short term harm at all to death and “long termers,” meaning those with brain fog for months as the virus likely lodges in parts of the body. It is a virus much more harmful and widespread than the flu. It is one that has seen skyrocketing infections in just this month. It is dangerous to the obese, some thirty percent of the United States. It ravages our poor, deemed “essential” by an economy which has no intention of providing happiness to all mankind. It is uncompliant with words and wishes. It kills the elderly, and it can also kill others.

What is most wild is that much of this information is not new. We’ve known about much of this since late March.

Yet still there are questions we still do not have precise answers to. An olympic swimmer noted it was one of the worst things to happen to his training regimen. Younger soccer coaches have died. Is it related to blood type? Or is blood type simply representative of a genetic profile that the disease attacks? Can we get the disease twice? Or is it simply false positives? Does the disease create enough antibodies to ward off a second attack with a second wave? And what about this Kawasaki syndrome in children younger than five? What’s up with that?

With all this said, with all this danger and yet still more confusion, to put people at risk in order to placate the ego of a single man is absurd.

Whatever your political spectrum serves, I would have responded with equal disgust if the president had been red, blue, or white. No republican or democrat or independent gets to so easily flirt with disaster using his most ardent supporters. What kind of message was this?

The campaign has responded by suggesting that they took every precaution, citing temperature checks at the door.

When are we going to learn that the only way the coronavirus has been able to spread so easily must come from asymptomatic spread? It is in the body fooling us into seeing family, into hugging and shaking hands with friends, that it has so quickly spread.

And should another wave hit, it will likely spread through asymptomatic carriers again.

The amount of people going to the rally was the same either way! That is what is most troubling. Socially distancing them throughout the whole center, especially the rafter seats, would have been much wiser. It should have been obvious. Bunching them up behind the camera was a huge mistake for the health of the supporters.

Once again, what kind of message does this send to the other citizens of the United States? If your president does not take this seriously, it gives incentive to businesses and institutions that they should not either.

What kind of message does this send internationally? That America once again has taken a step down as the leader of the free world and is relegating the larger epidemiological decisions to everyone else.

This is not a “few die, many live” wager. Again, we still do not know how debilitating this disease is long term. Will our medical sector be able to handle the ramifications of millions getting the virus? Imagine few dead, but many too tired to work, or too infectious, or needing the help of medical equipment not just to perform higher order actions, but simply to keep the labor of the body functioning.

In the age of coronavirus, caution was king.

What excuse does our president have for this blatant reversal of safety procedures? The managers of the BOK Center did what they could with decals and stickers. To have the Trump campaign remove them is insanity.

I very much want to be proven wrong on this. Because if this happened exactly as it was described here, we have a president who will stop at nothing to create a world around him of success, who will create a story that only he wants to read. It makes no sense: why have a rally, yet do every disturbing thing to ensure it gets done? Doesn’t this cut the branch he stands on?

The logic does not add up. The pieces do not fit together.

For anyone who still supports the incumbent president, I do not know what to say. I do believe in the power of words, and their ability to change minds. Perhaps people out there are so frightened of the democratic party that they choose to vote Republican, to side with the party and not the man.

But even the Republican party is at stake here.

Donald Trump is sending a message that his presidency is more important than his party, as his supporters came out and subjected themselves to infection. If members of his personal security have had to quarantine, who knows how many of the rally attendees will be infected in the next two weeks.

Is there something I am missing here? Besides his uncanny ability to be comfortable in front of a camera, is there something I am missing in regards to his capacity to think logically, his legacy in politics, or his military background that actually exists to justify the praise?

Just imagine if a school did this. Just imagine if, days before school started, a few administrators went in and moved all the school desks closer together, after the CDC explicitly gave guidelines for a certain set of feet apart with the intention of keeping not just our children safe, but those who they will go home to. Many children are cared for by grandparents. Would our children willingly socially distance in their own homes?

There would be a public outrage. “How dare you needlessly put our children and families at risk to stuff more kids in the classroom!”

Alright, I’m done. If you have not read the article, read it. For the sake of the health of our politics in 2020, I am holding onto some skepticism that a human being would not do such a thing.

Incentivizing infection among your most ardent fans is not a sign of strength, but weakness. A leader needs a thicker skin than this.

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